Ongoing projects


Research linesResearchers
MRI-visible perivascular spaces in the aging brainC Qiu, R Wang, L Bronge, L-O Wahlund, A Laveskog
Enjoying life and living healthier: the role of psychosocial factors and their biological mechanisms on functional trajectories in older ageA Calderón-Larrañaga, L Fratiglioni, S Dekhtyar, A-K Welmer, M Saadeh
Injurious falls in older adults: early identification of people at risk—from observational studies to implementation researchA-K Welmer, E Franzén, A-M Boström, N Frisendahl
Disentangle the Association of Body Mass Index with Adverse Health Outcomes among Older Adults: A population-based cohort studyW Xu, K Johnell, A-K Welmer, J Guo
Understanding mental health in old age: The role of multiple somatic diseasesS Dekhtyar, L Fratiglioni, A Calderón-Larrañaga, L Sjöberg, F Triolo
Blood pressure patterns and cognitive aging: A population-based studyC Qiu, R Wang, D L Vetrano, E J Laukka, X Xia
Effect of air pollution and noise on cognition in an urban settingD Rizzuto, T Bellander, P Ljungman, J Wu
Cerebral small vessel disease, genetic susceptibility, cognitive reserve, and cognitive agingC Qiu, E J Laukka, R Wang, S Dekhtyar, G Kalpouzos, Y Li
Reducing dementia risk in older adults affected by cardiometabolic diseasesW Xu, A Marseglia, D L Vetrano,
A Dove
Multimorbidity and kidney function in old age: longitudinal trajectories and synergistic effects
A Calderón-Larrañaga, D L Vetrano, J-J Carrero, L Dai, G Berdize
Understanding frailty in older adults to promote longer and healthier livesD L Vetrano, A Calderón-Larrañaga, D Rizzuto, L Fratiglioni, C Tazzeo