Several ongoing, regular initiatives ensure that updated information about SNAC-K is provided to current and potential users and to the general public:

2015.10.14 SNAC-K proband day

Photo: Johanna Bylund

Every third year, the participants are invited to attend SNAC-K Day for participants, during which the latest research findings and news from SNAC-K are presented to the participants in the project.

ARC researchers are often involved in the organization of scientific meetings such as the 2 symposiums for the 22nd Nordic Congress of Gerontology, Gothenburg – May 2014. The symposiums focused on the complexity and temporal trends of the heath of elderly people.

At the national level, the 4 SNAC centers collaborate on 3 regular activities:

a) The SNAC Newsletter, addressed mainly to staff working with care of elderly people and policy makers at the municipal and county levels. The newsletter summarizes the most relevant findings from the databases at the 4 centers;

b) The SNAC National Retreat, during which all centers present preliminary results and discuss methods. The groups also discuss pertinent topics such as experiences from previous data collection waves, methods of achieving high participation, and joint research projects;

c) The annual SNAC conference, at which the 4 centers present major results essentially to local politicians and senior civil servants working with medical and social care of the older persons.

Finally, the major results of SNAC-K are regularly reported in the magazine Äldre i Centrum (Focus on the Elderly), published by Stockholm Gerontology Research Center and ARC. Äldre i Centrum is a nationwide magazine that provides information on geriatric research and aims to bridge the gap between the research community and the public.

Moreover, researchers report their findings to the scientific community by publishing in scientific journals and in books and attending conferences and workshops.