Ongoing projects

Research lines Researchers
Impact of diet on dementia risk in the elderly L Fratiglioni, G Faxén Irving, W Xu,
B Shakersain
Episodic memory and structural gray and white matter alterations in the aging brain L Bäckman, E J Laukka, G Kalpouzos,
M Lövdén, B Ferencz
Lifestyle, cognitive aging, and changes in brain structure – direct and indirect links M Lövdén, L Bäckman, Y Brehmer,
E J Laukka, Y Köhncke
How well and how long are we aging? Capturing the complexity of health trajectories of older adult L Fratiglioni, S Angleman,
N Orsini, G Santoni
Factors underlying the age-related associative memory deficit Y Brehmer, E J Laukka, G Kalpouzos,
L Bäckman, N Becker
Vascular risk factor profiles in the development and progression of physical impairment in old age C Qiu, A-K Welmer,
L Fratiglioni, E Heiland
Using a life-course approach to better understand depression in older age H-X Wang, L Fratiglioni, I Skoog,
M Lövdén, L Sjöberg
The impact of diabetes on cognitive aging W Xu, L Fratiglioni,
N Pedersen, A Marseglia
Atrial fibrillation, cognitive decline, and dementia in old age C Qiu, L Fratiglioni,
K Johnell, M Ding
Impact of Work Stress on Metabolic and Cognitive Health in Later Life H-X Wang, W Xu, F Mangialasche,
L Fratiglioni, K-Y Pan
Thinking, moving, and falling: Early detection of older persons with high risk of falling A-K Welmer, W Xu, S Ek
Prevalence and impact of cardiovascular and neurological multimorbidity in older adults L Fratiglioni, D Rizzuto, A Marengoni,
G Onder, D Vetrano
The relation between dopamine-regulating genes, neurocognition, and aging J Persson, L Bäckman, X Li