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Wave 1 (2001-2004)
Wave 2 (2004-2007)
Wave 3 (2007-2010)
Wave 4 (2010-2013)
Wave 5 (2013-2016)
Wave 6 (2016-2019)

Cohort1 (age 60-100+ with baseline wave1)
Cohort2 (age 81 with baseline wave3)
Cohort3 (age 60 with baseline wave4)
Cohort4 (age 81 with baseline wave5)

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6. General conditions for withdrawal of data from SNAC-K

The following general conditions concern the applicant/co-applicants (hereafter called “the Applicant”) and the responsible person for SNAC-Kungsholmen Population Study (SNAC-K) for withdrawal of data from the SNAC-K database.

While signing above, the Applicant approves that they have understood and accept the following conditions for withdrawal of data (hereafter called “the Dataset”) from the SNAC-K database. The Dataset refers to any data that are collected within the SNAC-K, during the baseline and later follow ups. The Applicant only owns the right to use the Dataset for the purpose that is mentioned in the description of the research project.

The Applicant is only allowed to use the Dataset for the research applied for.

On this agreement Swedish law shall be applied. Dispute about the agreement shall be decided by a Swedish court.

The Applicant agrees to, when publishing the research project, give the following acknowledgement: “The Swedish National study on Aging and Care, SNAC, ( is financially supported by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Sweden, the participating County Councils and Municipalities, and the Swedish Research Council. In addition, specific grants were obtained from…….”

7. Privacy

We need your consent to manage your personal information. Your trust is important to us and we want you to feel safe when you submit your personal information to us. On May 25, 2018 a new regulatory framework for personal data management came into force (The General Data Protection Regulation) *. We have ensured that our handling of your personal data meets the new requirements.

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*General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), replaces the Swedish Personal Data Act (PuL) and the requirements for how companies can process your personal data is tightened.